Amazon Business Analyst Interview Case Study Questions & Answers

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Amazon Business Analyst Interview Case Study Questions & Answers

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intricacies of the Amazon Business Analyst case interview, unveiling a trove of case study questions and expertly crafted answers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional preparing for a career move or a recent graduate aspiring to join the ranks of Amazon’s analytical elite, this article is your key to unlocking the secrets of a successful interview. Join us as we dissect the challenges posed in Amazon’s Business Analyst interviews and equip you with the knowledge and insights needed to ace them with confidence.


General Overview of the Amazon Business Analyst Case Study

The Amazon business analyst case study interview is one of the interviews you have to take if you are applying for one of Amazon’s business roles, including Amazon Business Analyst, Business Development, Marketing, Product Manager, Corporate Strategy, and Product Marketing. The interview is meant to ascertain your leadership and problem-solving abilities. They want to know what you will do in certain situations.

Amazon is one of the largest companies servicing people globally. Situations will arise, and your ability to handle them appropriately will determine the company’s image before customers. If you are applying for any of these roles, your success will determine your chances of getting the job. The Amazon case study interview is set to test the applicant on some level of suitability for the job, including:

  • Structured and logical thinking: how well you can structure complex situations and challenges logically and in a simplified way.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills: how well you can read, comprehend, and analyze situations to attain a logical conclusion and beneficial solution.
  • Effective communication skills: how clearly and articulately you can communicate a situation and arrive at a solution.
  • Personality and cultural fit: how well you can work with other people, take instructions, and collaborate. Teamwork can improve company growth by several percentage.
  • Business acumen: how sound your intuition is when it comes to business dealings.

The case study interview requires thorough preparation to pass similiar to the Amazon technical interview. While preparing for the interview might seem daunting and taking the actual interview might seem scary, this article will put your mind at ease and get you adequately prepared to ace the interview.

This article will guide you on how to solve the Amazon case study question and demonstrate this with examples. You’ll also learn some helpful tips to prepare for the Amazon business analyst assessment & interview questions. 

How to Solve Amazon Case Study

Solving Amazon case study questions is not difficult if you know how to approach them. Here are strategies for solving Amazon case study questions:

Understand the Case Before You

Before you attempt to answer any case before you, you should understand it well. The interview will start with the interviewer intimating you on a situation. The interviewer will start with the background information on the case, where you have to be attentive. Follow the scenario and note all the points. Ensure that you understand the situational context and the objective of the case. Know the essence of the information.

You are at liberty to ask questions to clarify any part that is unclear to you. You can summarize the story to the interviewer to ascertain that you understand what you are meant to understand. The essence is to ensure that you grasp the objective of the situation. Understanding the case is essential to passing the test because it will guide you in answering the intended question.

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Organize the Problem

Once the interviewer has narrated the case to you, you have to organize every bit of the information to enable you to answer the questions logically. It is like developing a framework for answering the question. At this point, you have to brainstorm on the case before you. Note your ideas and then organize them logically.

At the brainstorming stage, your ideas may not be organized. You are at liberty to ask the interviewer to give you some minutes. Then you organize your thoughts and ideas in order. Categorize your ideas and arrange them accordingly.

When you are done, intimate the interviewer with your ideas and framework. The interviewer may offer some advice, ask questions, and give you feedback. This aspect is essential because it tells you how well aligned you are with the whole case before you.

Start Solving the Case

Now that you are sure you are on track, you can start answering the question. Using your framework, you will start attending to the different aspects of the case. The process of answering the question will depend on whether the interviewer is leading the interview or the candidate is leading it. If the interviewer is leading the interview, he will tell you the aspect of your framework to start working from.

If the interview is candidate-led, you can decide the aspect of your framework to start working from. You will give reasons why you have chosen to start from that angle. At this stage, you should not bother with starting wrong. There is no straightjacket approach to solving the case.

Attend to Quantitative Challenges

The case study question may have a quantitative angle to it. For example, you may be asked a question that involves figures and estimates. You can start solving the problem with mathematical calculations.

Attend to Qualitative Challenges

The Amazon cases study question may involve qualitative questions. For example, you may be asked questions involving a business situation and asked to proffer a solution or provide your opinion on a critical business situation. Answering this question involves a structural and careful arrangement of your ideas. State your approach and justify that approach. Then, go ahead to solve the problem following your approach.

Summarize your Solution and Tender a Recommendation

At this point, you should round off your answers, summarize your points, and tender recommendations. You should give reasons for your recommendations. You can also include further actions or steps you would have taken if you had more data and time. They can cover aspects of your framework that you have not developed fully due to time or some questions that you did not answer in-depth.

Examples of Amazon Case Study Question and Solution

As stated already, Amazon case study questions are meant to test your problem-solving skills. The interviewer will ask you questions based on actual situations to determine your suitability for the job. Among others, they look out for your business acumen, communication, and leadership skills. Here is a possible case:

Case question: The company wants to acquire a small business and aspire to improve net profits from $3,000 to $6,000 within a month. How do you think we can achieve this?

For a question like this, the focus is on your mindset as a business analyst, thinking capacity, and business acumen. They want to know your mindset, whether positive or negative. It is easy for some people to think that it is impossible to double profit in a month. Your answer should include a positive statement on how much this is positive.

Then you will talk about the strategies that can make this possible. The company can achieve a doubling profit within a month using effective marketing and acquisition points and diligence. First off, the company should be diligent in choosing a business to acquire. Contrary to many business acquisition models that look at the business’s yearly growth or how lucrative the market for the business niche is, the company should go for a growing business. If the business grows by 5% monthly, it will make a positive purchase.

Then, the company has to consider the business’s branding. If it has a strong market presence, then Amazon’s marketing strategy will have a springboard to scale from. If the business is growing, there is the possibility of making more than triple the net profit in the third month because the growth would bring in more profit.

Other essential points to consider when looking to get a good deal are low competition, positive reviews, and the quick wins the business promises. Also, analyze every aspect of the business and ensure that it passes the test.

The company’s marketing skills will set the company on a high speed to rake in more profit. You can discuss the impact of marketing skills like media coverage, ads, promos, and so on. This response shows you are passionate about the company’s expansion, but you are also diligent and look out for the company’s positive move.

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Amazon Case Interview Tips

Get familiar with Amazon’s 16 leadership principles. An apt knowledge of Amazon’s leadership principles will help you pass the personality and cultural fit test. Amazon expects its employees to act on the leadership principles. Amazon sees its employees as leaders, and they represent the company.

  • Get familiar with Amazon’s business model.
  • Acquaint yourself with recent news and information on Amazon
  • Ask questions until you understand every aspect of the interview and questions.
  • Be flexible. Practice with frameworks but do not use them if the scenario does not call for them. Let your answer be relevant to the case at hand.


Amazon business analyst case study interview requires ample preparations. If you have the right guide, you are on your way to realizing your dreams of being a business analyst for Amazon. This guide is one of the best materials you will need. It teaches you how to answer case study questions and tips to do it right.

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