Top 11 Leetcode Alternatives for Data Analysts and Data Scientists | 2024 Edition

Tim S

Tim S

Tim currently works at FAANG as a data analyst. He's been in the industry for 5+ years and writes for Big Tech Interviews on the weekends. His favorite language is SQL and calls Denver, CO home.

Mastering SQL is crucial for data analysts and data scientists, allowing them to turn raw data into actionable insights. While LeetCode is a popular choice for SQL practice, exploring Leetcode SQL alternatives can offer broader problem sets, diverse techniques, and specialized features that cater to individual learning styles and career goals. 

These LeetCode alternatives often provide real interview questions, community-driven content, and unique tools designed to increase problem-solving skills and prepare candidates for technical interviews. By leveraging multiple platforms, you can gain exposure to varied question formats and tap into a wealth of community knowledge, ultimately boosting your proficiency in SQL. 

This article will consider the top 11 Leetcode alternatives for data analysts and data scientists in 2024, exploring each platform’s features, pros, cons, and pricing. 

Whether you are a beginner looking for foundational practice or an experienced professional aiming to refine your skills, this guide will help you find the best resources to excel in your SQL journey and ace your next interview. 

An Introduction to LeetCode Alternatives 

As the demand for data analysts and data scientists continues to grow, so does the need for practical tools to master essential skills like SQL. 

While LeetCode remains a popular platform for honing coding abilities, exploring other resources that offer additional perspectives and learning techniques is beneficial. By diversifying your study approach, you can deepen your understanding of SQL and other programming languages, helping you improve your readiness for a range of technical challenges. 

Why Consider Alternatives to LeetCode? 

While LeetCode is a well-established platform for coding practice and technical interview preparation, it may not meet the needs of every student. Different platforms offer unique features that have the potential to complement LeetCode’s offerings, making them excellent alternatives to LeetCode. 

For instance, some alternatives provide a greater variety of problem types, industry-specific questions, or more interactive learning experiences. Moreover, specific platforms might focus on collaborative learning and peer feedback, invaluable for understanding complex concepts.

By considering alternatives to LeetCode, you can find resources that align more closely with your personal learning style and career objectives. 

Benefits of Using Multiple Platforms 

Using multiple platforms for SQL practice and technical interview preparation offers several advantages: 

  1. Diverse Problem Sets: Exposure to a wide range of questions can improve your problem-solving skills and prepare you for challenges in real-world scenarios and interviews. 
  1. Varied Learning Techniques: Each platform has its teaching methodology. Some offer step-by-step tutorials, while others provide a competitive programming environment. This variety can help you grasp concepts more thoroughly and retain knowledge better. 
  1. Real Interview Questions: Platforms like Big Tech Interviews offer real interview questions from top tech companies, such as the Amazon SQL interview questions, providing insight into what to expect during actual interviews. 
  1. Community and Peer Feedback: Engaging with a community of learners allows you to receive feedback, share insights, and learn collaboratively. This can be particularly helpful for gaining confidence and new perspectives. 
  1. Customized Learning Paths: Some platforms allow you to tailor your learning journey based on your skill level and career goals, ensuring you focus on areas that need improvement. 
  1. Cost and Accessibility: While LeetCode offers a mix of free and paid content, exploring other platforms can help you find more cost-effective or free alternatives that still provide high-quality learning experiences. 

By leveraging the strengths of multiple platforms, often discussed in Reddit communities, you can create a well-rounded preparation strategy that maximizes your chances of success in technical interviews and improves your SQL proficiency. 

Top LeetCode Alternatives for 2024 

Access to diverse resources can significantly improve your learning experience when preparing for SQL and technical interviews. While LeetCode is popular, numerous other platforms offer unique features tailored to different learning styles and needs. 

Here is a list of the top LeetCode alternatives for 2024, as frequently discussed on Reddit and other forums. Each provides valuable tools and insights to help you excel on your SQL journey. From real interview questions (like those set out in the Complete Guide to a Meta Data Engineering Interview) to community-driven content, these platforms enhance your preparation and boost your confidence. 

  1. Big Tech Interviews
  • Pros: Big Tech Interviews offers actual interviews from top tech companies, like the 3 latest Uber SQL interview questions. It provides step-by-step tutorials, peer mock interviews, and on-demand instructor support. This platform also includes valuable community and user feedback, giving insights from users and peers. 
  • Cons:  The monthly subscription cost may be considered expensive compared to other free or more affordable platforms. Additionally, while Big Tech Interviews offers some free resources, the most valuable content, such as its extensive range of advanced interview questions, detailed solutions, and step-by-step video explanations, is locked behind a paywall. 
  • Price: Free & paid plans starting at $29/month
  1. ScrataScratch
  • Pros: ScrataScratch is known for its extensive library of SQL problems and real-world datasets, which help users gain practical experience. The platform also includes detailed solutions and explanations. 
  • Cons: The interface can be overwhelming and complex for beginners, and the cost can be prohibitive for some users.
  • Price:  $32/month
  1. CodeWars 
  • Pros: Codewars offers a highly gamified learning environment with a vast library of problems in multiple programming languages. The platform emphasizes crowd-sourced content, which means you can access diverse problems and solutions.
  • Cons: Some users might find the entry test challenging as the questions aren’t always clear, especially if they are not already familiar with the programming language they want to practice. This lack of clarity can add to the difficulty of joining the platform.
  • Price:  Free
  1. TopCoder 
  • Pros: TopCode is renowned for its competitive programming contests and a community of highly skilled coders. It provides an excellent environment for honing your skills through real-world challenges. 
  • Cons: The competitive nature of the platform might be intimidating for some users. 
  • Price:  Free
  1. DataLemur
  • Pros: DataLemur is explicitly designed for data professionals and focuses on SQL and data science interview preparation. It provides practice questions that mirror those asked in actual interviews.
  • Cons: One of the main drawbacks is that its content is limited compared to other platforms like Big Tech Interviews. 
  • Price: Free with premium options available
  1.  GeeksforGeeks 
  • Pros: GeeksforGeeks is a comprehensive resource for all things related to computer science. It offers a vast array of problems, tutorials, and articles covering numerous topics, including SQL. 
  • Cons: The website’s extensive content can sometimes make it difficult to find specific resources.  
  • Price: Free with premium options available
  1. HackerEarth
  • Pros: HackerEarth includes a blend of coding challenges, hackathons, and community interactions, supporting a variety of programming languages and problems, including SQL. 
  • Cons: Some users might find the platform’s interface less intuitive compared to others. 
  • Price:  Free and premium  options available
  1. CodinGame
  • Pros: CodinGame makes learning fun by integrating coding challenges into video games. This approach is great for those who prefer a more interactive and engaging way to practice coding. 
  • Cons: The focus on gaming might not appeal to everyone, especially those looking for more traditional problem-solving environments. 
  • Price:  Free
  1. Edabit
  • Pros: Edabit is designed for quick and efficient learning with bite-sized coding challenges. It covers various programming languages and includes gamification elements to make learning enjoyable. 
  • Cons: This platform does not offer as in-depth coverage of advanced topics as other alternatives. 
  • Price:  Free and premium options available
  1. CodeCombat 
  • Pros: CodeCombat teaches coding through a game-like environment where users write code to control their characters. It is an engaging way to learn programming concepts and improve problem-solving skills. 
  • Cons: Primarily geared towards beginners and younger audiences, it might not provide the depth needed for advanced users. 
  • Price:  Free and premium options available 
  1. SQLPad 
  • Pros: SQLPad offers a focused environment for practicing SQL queries with immediate feedback. It is beneficial for data analysts and scientists preparing for SQL-specific interviews. 
  • Cons: The platform’s narrow focus might not provide resources for other types of technical interviews. 
  • Price: Premium options available – from $99 per month

These platforms provide various features and resources that cater to different learning styles and requirements, making them excellent alternatives to LeetCode. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Navigating the many platforms available for SQL practice and technical interview preparation can be challenging. In this section, we address some of the common questions to help you make informed decisions and optimize your learning strategy. 

  1. What are the Best Platforms for Beginners? 

For beginners, several LeetCode alternatives provide structured and beginner-friendly learning experiences. For instance: 

  • Big Tech Interviews provides real interview questions and step-by-step tutorials for beginners and experienced users. 
  • Edabit offers bite-sized coding challenges that are easy to follow and complete. This platform focuses on making learning to code fun and accessible for beginners with a user-friendly interface and gamified elements.
  • Codewars provides a gamified learning environment with a vast library of problems in multiple programming languages, including SQL. Its crowd-sourced content ensures a wide range of problems and solutions, making it engaging for beginners. 
  • CodinGame integrates coding challenges into video games, providing an interactive and engaging way to learn coding. 

The platforms provide a comprehensive and supportive environment for beginners to build a solid platform in SQL as well as other programming skills. 

  1. How do These Platforms Help in Technical Interview Preparation? 

These platforms offer extensive problem libraries, real-time feedback, and mock interviews that mimic real-world technical interviews. 

Platforms like Big Tech Interview provide real SQL interview questions from top tech companies, complete with step-by-step solutions and video explanations. This helps candidates understand the types of questions they might face and the best approaches to solving them. 

Similarly, platforms like HackerEarth and LeetCode offer company-specific problem sets and detailed analytics to track your progress, ensuring you are well-prepared for your technical interview. 

  1. Can I Use Multiple Platforms Simultaneously? 

Yes, using multiple platforms simultaneously can be highly beneficial. Each platform has unique strengths and offers different problems and learning experiences.

For instance, while Codewars gamifies the learning process and is excellent for continuous learning, GeeksforGeeks provides many tutorials and practice problems across multiple topics. 

Combining these resources can give you a well-rounded preparation strategy, increasing both your theoretical understanding and practical problem-solving skills. 

  1. Are There any Free LeeCode Alternatives? 

Yes, several free alternatives to LeetCode are available. 

  • Codewars offers a gamified learning environment with a vast library of free coding challenges. 
  • TopCoder provides a range of competitive programming contests and challenges at no cost. 
  • HackerEarth offers free coding challenges and skill assessments, making it a cost-effective choice for interview preparation. 
  • Edabit provides free access to its bite-sized coding challenges, which are ideal for beginners and intermediate learners.
  1. Is LeetCode no Longer Free? 

LeetCode offers a mix of free and paid content. 

While many basic problems and interview questions are free, access to premium problems, company-specific questions, and detailed solutions require a paid subscription. 

This tiered access model allows users to start for free and upgrade as they need more advanced features and resources. 

  1. Which is better: LeetCode or Big Tech Interviews?

The choice between LeetCode and Big Tech Interviews depends on your specific requirements and preferences. 

LeetCode offers a vast library of problems across multiple programming languages and includes company-specific questions for premium subscribers. It is widely recognized and used by many professionals for coding practice. 

On the other hand, Big Tech Interviews focuses more on providing actual interview questions from top tech companies, with detailed video explanations and personalized coaching. This makes it highly effective for those specifically preparing for interviews at major tech firms. However, it comes at a higher cost compared to LeetCode. 

In Conclusion

In the rapidly evolving fields of data analysis and data science, mastering SQL is a critical skill that opens doors to numerous career opportunities. While LeetCode remains a popular choice for SQL practice, exploring alternatives such as Big Tech Interviews can provide you with a broader range of problem sets, diverse learning techniques, and specialized features that cater to your unique learning style and career goals. 

This guide highlighted the top 11 LeetCode alternatives for 2024, each offering distinct advantages and resources. From real interview questions and comprehensive tutorials on Big Tech Interviews to the gamified learning environment of Codewars, there are platforms tailored to meet various needs, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. 

By leveraging multiple platforms, you can improve your problem-solving skills, gain exposure to different question formats, and tap into a wealth of community knowledge. This approach will not only boost your SQL proficiency but also increase your chances of success in technical interviews. 

Do you want to ace your SQL interview?

Practice free and paid real SQL interview questions with step-by-step answers.

Do you want to Ace your SQL interview?

Practice free and paid SQL interview questions with step-by-step video solutions!